Filming extreme sports

Often I’m asked, ‘how did your adventure with cinematography begin?’ The truth is it grew from our first passion – extreme sports. Long before Basic Home Productions was founded, in 2006, we bought a small, compact camera and went off snowboarding snowpark in Szczyrk. Die-hard snowboarders, we all wanted to board, and none of us wanted to shoot. So naturally we planted the camera in the snow, pressed record, and left the camera to its own devices. A few long static shots pieced together, and we had our first films. As lovers of extreme sports, we are lovers of motion, and these early films couldn’t speak truthfully to our experience.

When the GoPro Hero was released, we jumped on its possibilities. It is perfect for filming extreme sports. Attaching it to anything and anyone, we explored dynamic angles – bringing elusive motion to life. These early forays survive for posterity.

01 my easter edit

In 2012, we formally founded Basic Home Productions with a mission to fuse our original passion for extreme sports with our new found love of video. Like extreme sports, with video, we are always pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved, daring ourselves to go places we once thought impossible. While consistently updating our gear to stay on track with the latest tech, we built what wasn’t available to us. A drone in 2013. A gimbal in 2015. Our imagination… the only barrier to where a camera could go. And all the time, filming extreme sports was an integral part of our development.

But winter lasts only so long, and we couldn’t bare to hang it up in the summer months, so we took to the water. Our first wakeboarding film was a success and quickly word spread among the extreme sports community.

02 rueda

In Hel, on the Baltic Sea, we explored kiteboarding and windsurfing.

04 kite

Always looking to push boundaries, we set off for Indonesia to discover the world of surfing – capturing the freedom and the spirit of surf in Bali,

03 bali

Basic Home Productions is not passive, hiding behind the lens, filming extreme sports. We are active – pursuing the sports we love… gaining insights from an athlete’s perspective. It’s our belief that you can’t show what it’s like to be there, without being there. The rush, the adrenaline, you’ve got to feel it first hand to deliver that energy in the edit. Whether it’s capturing specific tricks or the fully-saturated experience, as filmmakers we get it, because as athletes, we live it.

At Basic Home Productions, passion has grown into knowledge and experience. Every project is an opportunity to continue that growth, to collaborate, to challenge the impossible. What’s your passion?