Corporate video production for LAAX. We are creative and experienced filmmakers, for whom nothing is impossible.

About us



Our company was born out of a passion for filmmaking.

Whether it is 1 spot or an entire B2B ad campaign, we help brands and agencies to efficiently produce content,
trigger the desired emotions in the target audience, and thereby generate more leads and brand value.

Our process begins with understanding the brand, its goals, and customers.
From there we identify the message, optimal communication strategy, and target audience.

We have produced content for brands like:
Laax, Ferrari, IWC, Mercedes, Zermatt, Ralph Lauren, Starbucks, and many more.


Executive Producer / DOP

As our main force and passionate filmmaker since his teens, Marcin is a creator. He pushes everything and every one slightly over their limit to create outstanding products and make growth happen.

Furthermore, he is “Duracell” not just in work but also in his favorite actions sports on various boards, bikes, or in his running shoes. What he is not good at? Making breaks without filling them with something productive.


Camera Operator / Drone Operator

He is our guy if it comes to operating the cameras and drones but also to making seemingly impossible solutions possible. Strategic planning with his amazing researching skills and perfectionist mind, he will lead you straight to your goal.

Besides that, he is mostly beating everyone with his fitness score in the Oura App circle of the company.


Art Director / Camera Operator

She is definitely our game-changer! Anna creates everything by hand that is missing. So an Art Director with the plus of a female version of MC Gyver.

As a former snowboard athlete, she was working for various travel agencies and held roles spanned from organizing events and providing marketing advice to becoming a brand ambassador for different snow sports brands. Along the way, she discovered her true passion as a videographer.



Truly living his passion for outdoor sports and photography, spending more time outside than others combined. Besides his outstanding skills in taking photos, he is the best help on set you can get.

In addition to knowing how to shape light, he also knows how to shape his body. As a vegan and yoga enthusiast, he lives by his principles, making our planet a more sustainable place.


Project Manager

Definitely our best-selling Swiss heart. She does not just treat your projects as her own, she means it.
As a sales professional, passionate musician, and healthcare provider she intuitively knows your needs. Her exceptional viewpoints and connected thinking make the most complex concept look just logical. Excited by nature, she always finds some flowers to cure someone on set.


Let's create something together!